Why Buy Natural & Organic

Why Buy Natural & Organic

Charlottesville Natural Sleep ShopIndoor Air Quality • Environmental Concerns
Buying our mattresses with natural and organic content is way better for you and for the planet. Higher natural / sustainable content in your mattress means less chemicals are used, so you are helping to protect the air quality in the bedroom, while also taking action to reduce chemical production in the environment. These small steps make a difference and help us move in a healthier direction that is more green and sustainable.

Our natural and organic mattresses are layered with super comfy Talalay latex, made with the sap of plantation grown rubber trees, which is hypo allergenic, anti microbial and resistant to dust mites which can cause havoc in your respiratory system. So you can breath easier at night.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals
Regular mattresses can contain toxic chemical additives and adhesives used to make them fire retardant and to bond materials together. Fire barriers made from natural wool are flame resistant and our natural fiber flame barrier is non toxic. Only Greenguard certified adhesives are used. This means less chemicals in your comfort zone!

Stay Cooler Avoid Heat Build Up
Natural wool is amazing! Each night we give off up to a pint of water vapor, natural wool wicks this moisture and helps regulates temperature in your sleeping environment keeping you dry and comfortable. With this natural moisture management your mattress remains hygienic, thereby reducing nasty allergens.

And the number 1 reason – C O M F O R T !
Our mattresses are the most comfortable mattresses you can buy! The latex in our natural and organic mattresses provide superb pressure relief, so areas like your shoulders which can feel ‘pinched’ in ordinary mattress will feel better on one of our beds. Also our plant based memory foam will cradle your curves in comfort, so your muscles can relax. Your sleeping partner can get up without disturbing your sleep too. You’ll be dreaming deeper dreams in no time!