Natural & Organic Pillows

Natural & Organic Pillows
Latex Down Pillow – low and high profile

LatexDown™ Our scrunchable puffs are a cool and comfy alternative to the decadence of down.

Healthy by Design: Natural anti-microbial and dust mite resistant qualities keep allergens at bay to reduce sneezing and wheezing.

Earth Friendly: Made in USA, latex does not emit harmful offgasses and is biodegradable.

Exceptionally durable: Latex Down will never flatten or sag.    $129 $89.00  


Dream Latex Pillow
Dream latex pillow

The Dream Pillow provides a satisfying nest of health and comfort. The all-natural granulated latex core is 300% more resistant to dust-mites and other allergens than other foams – a dream come true for allergy and asthma sufferers. Plump and malleable, this squishable, twistable, tuck-able pillow demands cuddling with the luxurious a feather-down style feel. Fresh and soft against skin the unbleached, 100% cotton cover does its part to keep you comfy and cool while you sleep. Sound good to you? Queen $54.99 $42.00


Aloe Dream Mate Latex Pillow

Aloe Dream Mate Latex PillowThe Aloe Dream Mate Pillow delivers a boost of nourishment and more than a little TLC for tender skin on your face and neck. The delectably squishable, granulated latex fill provides a feather-down feel in a hypoallergenic pillow. Bye-bye under-eye puffiness and late-night sniffles. A plush NaturaWool™ lining maintains temperature control to keep your pillow fresh and invite relaxation.Covered in a luxurious, aloe-enriched cover, it releases a gentle stream of soothing aloe nutrients to tend to your delicate facial skin. Ready get your glow on?   Queen$98.40 $84.00


Organic Wool Pillow

Our Hypoallergenic Pillows are filled with our exclusive USDA Certified Organic Superfine Merino Wool and are covered in 300 Thread Count Pure and great for skin Certified Organic Cotton Jacquard. Organic cotton yarns are also tested according to OKO TEX 100 & GOTS standard to ensure the organic fabric is safe for infants. Recommended Product Care: 1) Washable Pillow Case is strongly recommended. 2) Regular sunning and airing is also great way to take care of our products. The Sun will naturally revitalize and disinfect the bedding. 3) Do not machine wash or dry. Spot clean only with soft brush and mild detergent. Allow the product to air dry completely. 4) Dry cleaning is not recommended due to the harsh chemicals involved in the process as well as the products might shrink and lose their original shape. Queen$155 $123