About Us

About Us

Something Unknown

If you were to ask us the question: What is the one thing about Atlantic Futon that most people don’t know. The answer is easy, we’ve been in the mattress business for nearly
30 years. You see, long before futons were furniture pieces, they were mattresses. In fact at one time,they were the most natural and chemical free mattresses you could buy.

Our Roots

We made our first futon mattresses by hand in Nelson county back in 1982. We worked together making each mattress by hand. We cut the fabric with scissors, stuffed the layers of pure cotton into a 100% unbleached cotton muslin shell and hand stitched the final seams.It was beautiful; a cozy chemical free sleep surface that was firm and supportive!

Green and Organic Beginnings

Over the years we maintained a spirit of innovation and brought the first mattresses made from Wellspring™ recycled fiber to our retail market and in 1995 we sold the first mattresses made from natural and organic materials which included, organic hemp and cotton, natural latex and pure New Zealand virgin wool.

Introducing Tempurpedic

Then in the late 90’s a new style of sleep surface caught our attention, one that provided superior pressure relief to tender joints and natural spinal alignment by conforming to the curves of the body. The following year we introduced Tempurpedic Sweedish Foam mattresses to Charlottesville and to the nation via our website.

Healthier Alternatives

Today amidst growing concerns about our environment, there is an increasing awareness of the chemicals and synthetic materials used in the home furnishings industry and the impact they can have on our health and the air quality in our homes.

Unlike Tempurpedic, our super comfy memory foam mattress is made with plant based foam and a natural latex core with natural fibers that keep you cool and dry at night. It cradles your curves in comfort, so your muscles relax and you sleep better. It’s that simple.

Our Goal

Atlantic Organic Natural Sleep Shop is committed to improving the range of options available to bedding consumers today with an emphasis on green manufacturing practices and the use natural, non-toxic, low VOC materials, and 3rd party organic certifications.

Why we’re unique

We are different from typical mattress stores and high end organic mattress retailers, Atlantic Organic’s merchandise is geared toward addressing the most prevalent issues affecting people’s quality of sleep and providing sound alternative sleep solutions at affordable prices.

Our invitation

So come see us and discover how you can sleep smarter on a mattress that’s healthier for you and better for the planet. While you are at it, check out our amazing top of the bed offerings, you’ll love our sumptuous pillows, mattress toppers and comforters made with the finest natural fibers, so you can put the finishing touches on your natural comfort zone.