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We are Charlottesville’s original natural sleep shop, offering a wide selection of natural and organic mattresses and bedding—platform beds, fine futons, bedroom furniture and more!

Are you uneasy about off-gassing mattress foams? Worried about the health effects of flame retardants and similar chemicals? So are environmental and public health scientists.

“…[Flame] retardants do not chemically bond with the foam. Thus, they do not stay snugly inside cushions and mattresses. They escape into the environment….These [chemical traces] settle on household dust, or drift outdoors, or find their way into rivers and even into mothers’ breast milk.” –New York Times, Safety on Fire, May 3, 2015

But the good news is you CAN enjoy comfortable, healthful sleep without these dangerous chemicals—which have been connected to obesity, infertility, brain disorders and cancer.

And without the sticker shock you’ll experience at other natural mattress stores!

Visit Atlantic Organic today! Explore our unique shop and fabulous product lines, chat with our friendly staff, even nap if you’d like! We’re across from the Main Street Market, just a block from Charlottesville’s famous Downtown Mall. Free parking is available in front of the store.

(Note: We’re bigger than we look! Our shop’s front opens into a sky-lit, 2200-square-foot showroom.)